Safety First: Losing Weight Without Risking Your Life

If there’s one thing that is heavy on people’s minds these days its weight loss. The weight loss industry makes millions of dollars every year pushing this product or that diet. It’s impossible to read a magazine, watch TV or even drive in your car without seeing an ad about diet, exercise or both. Everyday there’s a new fad diet or a new method that is supposed to help you lose weight better, faster, and with less work.

The problem with all of this is that with all the advertising and money hungry companies how are we supposed to find a weight loss method that actually helps you lose weight but keeps safety in mind? First the bad news, losing weight and keeping safety in mind means you are actually going to have to work and make some changes. Working out regularly and eating well play a very big role in weight loss. It’s also the healthiest way to lose weight. The truth is there is no miracle diet or pill that will make you lose weight without having to get a little sweaty. The good news is that there are products like the top fat burners on the market to help you along the way.

Getting Started


“Consult a nutritionist first”

Before you start on a diet and exercise plan it’s really smart to get in touch with some professionals. A nutritionist is the first person you should talk to. A nutritionist can help you figure out what kind of meal plan works best for you and the calorie count you should pay close attention to. The next professional is one of the trainers at your local gym. Tell them what your goals are and the pace you’re hoping to lose weight at. The trainer should be able to set you up with a good workout regimen that fits into your schedule and still helps you lose weight at a pace that keeps safety and lifestyle in mind.

Getting Past the Plateau


“Reach your desired physique goals”

Now anyone who has been fighting with their weight for long knows that getting started is the easy part. Everyone has joined a gym, set that New Year’s resolution, or bought the home gym equipment. Starting is easy, you might even drop a few pounds and start to feel like you’re making progress. But then it happens: plateau. That’s when your body reaches a certain weight and then no matter how hard you sweat you can’t seem to push past it.

Well this is where finding the right products come in. Your professionals, especially your trainer will tell you it’s time to change up your regiment and this is true. It’s also a good time to invest in one of the top fat burners available to help you keep going. Once you start doing your research you’ll notice there are a lot of products out there. This makes finding the best products harder. One thing to look for is where the products come from. If possible you really want to try to find products that have a natural source. This ensures that you’re not adding dangerous chemicals to your body.

Finding the Right Product


“Get the right fat burning product”

One of the top fat burners out there is Garcinia Cambogia Select, which comes from unroasted coffee beans. This product helps also helps you burn fat and increases your energy. Then there’s Raspberry Ketones Max, which uses an enzyme from raspberries that boosts your metabolism, gives you energy and helps you burn fat.

Fat burners like these help kick you out of those plateaus by giving your metabolism a boost. They help your body break down the fat to make your diet and exercise more effective. It is the job of the weight loss products to help you get back in shape. Visit and know how to burn fat fast.
With all the top fat burners you want to make sure you read the labels so you know for sure what’s in all of them. It’s also a very good idea to talk to your professionals about what you want to use so they can help you find good safe products that work for your body.

Staying Motivated


“Thing positive and stay motivated”

With your professionals and your products picked out and chosen the biggest problem left is how to stay motivated. Again, we all know that in the beginning it’s a little easier to motivate yourself to eat the right foods and hit the gym. But what happens four to six weeks in when work or family life is stressing you out? How do you find that energy to hit the gym or the will power to resist those comfort foods?

Well one of the most important things to remember is why you’re doing this. Weight loss shouldn’t just be about trying to slim down, it should be about getting healthy. Try to remember that you aren’t just trying to get physically healthy; you are trying to get mentally healthy. Try to think of it as an 80/20 thing. Food isn’t your enemy, and if 80 percent of your food intake is healthy, then don’t worry about that 20 percent or less intake of not-so-healthy foods. Don’t let yourself get dragged down by food guilt.

Another good thing to remember is that everyone’s body is different. Just because someone you know lost 30 pounds eating nothing but celery and lemon juice or something crazy like that doesn’t mean it will work for you. Also remember that it took time to gain weight so it will take time to lose weight. Try and think of the changes not as diet, but as a lifestyle change.

It is also a good idea to keep a blog or journal during your experience. Try writing once a week about your diet and exercise experience and how it’s working for you. Have a bad day? Eat something you weren’t supposed to? Skip the gym? Don’t hide from it, don’t avoid it, write it out. Examine why you had your slip up and try and find ways to avoid doing it again. This allows you to drop the guilt and shame that comes with that kind of action and turn it into a positive learning experience.

Joining an online community is another good way to stay motivated. Having a message board or site you can go to and vent about your frustration, get encouragement, and also encourage others is a great way to remind yourself you are not in this alone.

Why You Should Take Time To Explore Your Wild Side In Bed


“Let your wild side come out”

“Let your wild side come out”

Every man and woman has a wild, insane part that he or she carries around. The degree of this wild insanity may vary from person to person, and it would be really hard to find someone without sexual fantasies he or she would want to explore – except the person were a eunuch. Another truth about why some relationships are shaky, why some people begin to cheat and why some hardly experience sexual satisfaction with their partners is lack of motivation. Their experience is far too short from their fantasies. Pornography or erotic movies are not a bad thing, and you can use them creatively to improve your sexual life and increase sexual satisfaction. There are many reasons you may want to explore your dark side in bed. You could either use the best cam site or you can watch great porn. However, you’ll need to be very creative about this. You want to understand that porn movies are not designed for sex education, they are merely there to spark your sexual drive and get stir inhibited desires you have kept around with you. Below are some of the factors that can help you insert porn movies in your sexual life in a creative way.

The Choice of Movie Is Very Important

“Choose a good movie with a story”

“Choose a good movie with a story”

You do not just pick up any kind of movie if you want to improve your sexual pleasure. Normally, women do not enjoy movies that are purely plain sex. Some would want to see a story unfolding, then like to witness the art of seduction. This is not about the dirty plumber who just shows up and starts banking a woman in the garage. Porn scenes that are more convincing, that are not classified with the typical commercial sex movies will have a lot to offer. It is really arousing to watch two people start innocently on a journey, and find themselves ending up in wild explorations of each other. You want to take time to consider the kind of movie to watch. You may want to watch live porn on the best cam site. You can subscribe to sites like or any other reputable porn site that offers this feature. If you want, you can check the cam sites reviews to find the best live cam sites to meet your porn needs. The reviews of live cam sites are helpful in determining the best sites to watch live porn. You can also locate couples that go freelance on live cams. It could be important to decide this with your partner. You do not want to surprise her with a sex movie at a moment she is not ready for that.

How to Behave When Watching Porn with Your Partner

“Keep your focus on your partner all the time”

“Keep your focus on your partner all the time”

If you want to get the best from the experience of watching together, you should not just watch the movie. You should not be engrossed with the porn to the point that you forget you are watching with your girlfriend or wife. You should look at her more than you look at the movie. Make her feel that you want her badly in the way you look at her. As already stated above, you’re not watching for sex education, you’re watching to improve your sexual experience as partners. It is important that you participate. As you watch the couple having sex in the movie, you should start exploring your partner’s body. The touch, the feel of your body to hers, even things that seem very ordinary will become tantalizing, and sexually arousing. You should remember the sexual language of your partner and make sure that you do not come too wild. You should start slowly, except she wants you to be wild. Seduction and arousal come very naturally to people when they use visual images. The images you watch on porn movies continue to linger as you begin to explore each other.
The positions, the sounds, moans, and obscenities that you hear on the porn movie remain before your mind’s ken as you explore your fantasies with your lover. If there are things you have always wanted to do, yet have always felt awkward doing them with your partner, then you can use the best cam site or sex videos to suggest them to her. Some guys love anal sex, and may not know how to suggest it to their partners. Instead of cheating on your partner in order to have this experience, you can use sex movies to seduce her into it. Such movies are also helpful in that they help partners communicate with more open about their sexual needs. One important tip: if you’re having sex with your lover while watching a porn movie, you should avoid comparing her with the actors of the movie. Make her feel that she is great and sexy and driving you crazy. Already, she was poised to offer you the best sexual pleasure and she’d want to do it even better than those you two are watching. You should respond to what you hear and see by telling her things that make her feel like you’d eat her to the last bit because you are damn crazy about her. Tell her she feels good, moan when she takes a position that you enjoy most.

Be Gentle: Everyone Has a Unique Sexual Language

“Understand your partner’s unique sexual language”
Do not come too strong on your partner. Because the woman in the movie is moaning and screaming, you do not want your partner to moan and scream also. You do not want her to take acrobatic positions suddenly just because you want to explore your fantasies. You can only use porn movies to bring out the best in your partner. You are not using it to transform her into your porn crush. If you’re sensitive, you’ll search the language of your partner’s soul with patience, responding to her subtle instincts, hearing her cries to be loved and responding to them with generosity. Sex is a school where you discover yourself and create space for your lover to express herself without any inhibitions.

Although you can use the best cam site and the best porn to arouse your partner and bring out the best in him or her, there are other things you should do to make your sexual experience an enriching and beautiful one. One of these things is the ability to communicate even without the need for external help. The more relaxed you feel with each other, the more you’ll reveal your innermost secrets and the darkest fantasies you carry within you. Couples that talk often about sex, and that enjoy great humor always find sex very satisfying. This kind of communication grows with the level of trust you have for each other. Where there is trust, you can set out on the journey of discovery, together. You’re not afraid or shy to tell her what you think and what you want because you know she’d understand where you’re coming from. You can also use porn movies as inspiration for a more open style of communication. You should learn to talk with your partner about her preferred sex position; about the things she’d have loved doing to her in bed which she hasn’t yet experienced, and those that drive her crazy. Always remember that love grows, that sexual experience grows as well, and you should not expect to get the best results overnight. If you improve your communication, become more tolerant and patient with each other, you’re sexual life will bring many joys and pleasures.

Tips For Creating A Great Online Personals Profile


“Make your profile stand out from the rest”

Social networking has evolved greatly over the past decade. Today, with the number of social networking websites available in the internet, online dating has emerged as a new way of interacting with people. It all started with the advent of IRC, or internet relay chat. Then it evolved into the Yahoo Messenger, Friendster and ultimately, Facebook. People can now post a part of their personality for people to be aware of whom they were, without communicating with them in real time. But the problem most people face today is to what kind of profile they would want to show to the whole world. Here are tips and examples for creating a great online personals profile.

Don’t Take Yourself Seriously

If you’re the kind of person who loves to make fun of yourself; then you are in luck. Couple this with a great sense of humor and you’re in for a winning combination. When constructing your online profile, give the reader a sense of seriousness, but here’s the catch: make it sound like you’re making fun of yourself through subtle but funny jokes and you’ll find success on online personals. Women love men with a great sense of humor. This is because women love to be entertained almost every minute. A great sense of humor towards one’s self also displays a certain amount of confidence with everything a person does.

Be the Handsome Muscular Clown


“Even if you have a good body, don’t flaunt it”

If you’re the kind of guy who has a sculpted body, beware: Women on online dating sites will find you intimidating and cocky. Sure, appearance is everything, but in the online world pictures are not always everything. You can counteract this by creating a funny personality and touch on things that will divert women’s attention to your physical appearance. Women will always like to feel protected by strong and courageous men. And with a great sense of humor, women will think of you as the perfect guy for the rest of your life.

Confidence and Adventure in Your Profile

Not having celebrity looks and washboard ABS may seem a problem to men the world over. But in the realm of online dating, this is hardly a problem at all. Appear to be a man who seeks adventure the likes of Indiana Jones; paired with a good sense of confidence in knowing what to look for in a girl and women will be begging for a date with you. Girls love adventurous men, as this is a telltale sign of providing fun in dates, relationships and life as a whole. If you’re this kind of guy, exert the extra effort to be confident and you’ll be dating in no time.

Make them Think with Your Profile

Remember the nerd classmate you had back in the day? Believe it or not, he’s getting as many dates as you do, possibly even more. This is because of the nature of online dating: looks aren’t everything. Actually, intelligence and wit play a very large role in online profiles. Online women are shifting their focus from your looks to what you have to say about yourself and about life—in the wittiest way possible. Give your readers a sense of goodness while reading your online profile by providing witty, original and thought provoking descriptions about your personality.

The Romantic and Careful Nerd


“Woman loves the romantic nerdy types”

It’s not enough to be good looking at an online personals profile, but it pays to be romantic. If you happen to have rock star looks, then girls will definitely check you out. But once they find a shallow, stupid guy behind those looks then surely no one will be hanging out with you. To remedy this, show a romantic but a nerdy side to your personal profile. It’s always cute for women to know nerdy people who don’t know how good looking they are. And nerdy people tend to be more romantic than most people. This one’s a deadly combination to play with.

Touching on Your Personality’s Extremes

What most men fail to realize is that a lot of women think people who have interesting personalities very sexy. Be a man where you can be very rough with grabbing your girl but being very soft with kissing and hugging. Be the best of both extremes: love action movies but never fail to watch romantic ones. Be the rock star in public but be the nerd with a select few. This allows women to fantasize about being with someone who are flexible with almost any kind of scenario. Be a man who can make their fantasies come true.

The Compassionate and Romantic Child

There’s nothing wrong with having a childlike side of your behavior. No matter what age you are, it always pays to have a little child like personality embed in the core of your real personality. But couple this with a compassionate and hardworking profile and you’ll be surprised that a lot of women will respond effectively. This is because women love to have someone who brings out the child in them. But that won’t stop there. Bringing out the child in them and being romantic and passionate about life is a winning combination as well and you can employ this on your profile. Show off a youthful side to life while being passionate and romantic about it at the same time.

Be Down to Earth and Romantic at the Same Time

Nothing beats the guy who’s down to earth and romantic. One of the earliest perfect combinations, this kind of profile still makes girls crazy and makes boys find success on online personals. When executed properly, you’ll be having a list of dates in no time. However, to do this properly, you must present yourself as genuinely as you can. To do this, touch on things that have tension and drama and be the kind of person where you take things lightly and gently. If you’re this kind of person, then you are in for a treat. To keep up with your competition, never fail to give a hint of humor to your profile.

Be As Funny as You Can

If you love to crack jokes and have a ridiculous sense of what’s funny an what not, then make it evident in your profile. A lot of married men started out as attracting different kinds of people because of their sense of humor and down-to-earth personality. These kinds of men bring to a relationship a sense of newness, fun and excitement. A lot of girls prefer this over handsome but boring men. Make sure you can determine though what may be funny to a lot of people without offending or trying to hurt someone or something.

The Fireproof Boy Next Door Profile


“Be the perfect next door boy”

The boy next door persona might be one of the most enduring and promising archetype in social media today. Almost every kind of women can fall for a boy-next-door in no time. Do this by being nice, easy going and confident, but searching for life and the wonders of adventure.
When creating your online personals profile, make sure that you show off your strengths and never show your weaknesses. If you do, make your weaknesses interesting by making fun out of it, or brushing it off as unimportant. Make sure that you create a profile that is authentic, fun interesting and exciting, as this can find success on online personals! You can learn some more tactics for online personals websites here These online personals tactics would surely help you in creating an intriguing profile that will attract more women.

50 Shades Of Healthy Sex: Why BDSM Might Be Better For You Than ‘Vanilla’ Sex


“Get Kinky”

A healthy dose of regular, unadulterated or “vanilla” sex has long been touted by health experts and sex advisers alike to be very beneficial for the over-all well-being of couples, in ways physical, emotional and even psychological. Now there is growing evidence supporting kinkier sex, more elaborately known as Bondage, Discipline / Dominance / Submission, Sadism, Masochism (BDSM) as surprisingly more beneficial.

Here’s a closer look on BDSM

Bondage, discipline / dominance / submission, sadism and masochism (BDSM) is a sexual practice revolving around these fetishes. It is currently listed as an unusual sexual fixation, or a paraphilia, in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). DSM-5 however does not label BDSM as a disorder unless it causes harm to the practitioners.
This labelling has caused controversy, as even psychiatrists are divided on whether such sexual predilections should belong to the catalogue of mental disorders. Some psychiatrists see the inclusion of BDSM and other kinky (or eccentric) activities in this manual as stigmatizing, especially because studies have failed to show evidence that enjoying sex with a side of a little humiliation and/or pain is truly linked to psychological problems.
Despite this contention and the fact that much of society today still views these types of sexual inclinations as weird or wrong, it turns out that those who practice BDSM may actually be psychologically healthier than those who don’t (study results are published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine). And this valuable information is already available at most sex dating sites that work.
Indeed, if you are secretly, or even not-so-secretly, into BDSM, that’s one reason to celebrate, rejoice and be proud of your outside-the-box sexiness.

BDSM practitioners may have Better Mental Wellness


“It is good for overall mental well being”

It was a Dutch psychologist, Andreas Wismeijer of the Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands, who conducted the research while he was at Tilburg University. He wanted to see if BDSM practitioners are really more likely to be mentally unstable. The test compared the mental health of 902 BDSM practitioners with 434 non-BDSM practitioners.
It is good to note that Wismeijer did not initially intend to study the psychological health of BDSM aficionados. His research typically focused on the psychology of secrets and secrecy. But a chance meeting with the founder of Netherlands’ largest BDSM Web Forum convinced him that the group could be an interesting study population.
Wismeijer and his colleagues put out a request on the forum for persons in the BDSM category to take a variety of psychological questionnaires online. A request was also sent to participants who were not doing BDSM through a university website, a personal secret website and a women’s magazine website.
The participants were told that they were part of a study of human behavior. The questions asked were about personality, well being, sensitivity to rejection, and style of attachment in relationships. But none of them knew what the study was really about.
The results showed that BDSM practitioners may actually be mentally healthier than the control group (“vanilla sex” practitioners). They were less neurotic (less anxiety), more open to new experiences (high confidence), more likely to feel secure in a relationship, more extroverted, more conscientious, and less concerned about other people not liking them at all (low paranoia). They have a better over-all sense of well-being.
The BDSM practitioners who scored the highest for mental health were those reported as being dominant – about 48 percent of the male and 8 percent of the female participants.
The BDSM practitioners who scored the lowest were those reported as being submissive – about 33 percent of the men and 75 percent of the women. But even though they scored the lowest in the BDSM group, they still scored higher than the conventional sex group.
Even if submissive people were always perceived as the most vulnerable within the BDSM community, there was not even one finding in which they scored less than the conventional vanilla sex practitioners. Furthermore, there was no finding whatsoever suggesting that people who practice BDSM have a damaged psychological profile or have some kind of personality disorder.

BDSM is better seen as a Lifestyle Choice


“As a lifestyle choice, BDSM is getting popular everyday”

Most effective sex dating sites suggest that a couple should be aware of their own sexual needs and desires, and should be open about them to their partners. Based on the study conducted, BDSM aficionados seem to be more aware than their “vanilla sex” counterparts. While Wismeijer is not exactly sure why they might be psychologically healthier than the general public, it may just simply mean that this greater awareness translates to less frustration in bed and even in relationships as a whole. Coming to terms with this kind of unusual sexual predilection may also require a harder and deeper psychological probing within oneself which translates to a positive mental health.
Perhaps one study is not enough to determine whether BDSM should really belong to the DSM-5 list, but combined with other research, the new findings suggest that this slightly strange sexual inclination is probably better considered as a lifestyle choice in general.

Make sex more exciting: Go BDSM now!


“BDSM has brought new dimensions to an ordinary sex life”

This is an invitation, not a command. One role of sex dating sites that work is to fire up the imagination of couples and make the sex experience more arousing and stimulating. The inherent appeal of kinky sex is not only for fresh new couples but also for long-time ones. The new couple can find their kinkiest desires fulfilled through adult dating websites. Some of which are mentioned here: A couple can get kinky ideas of sex using dating sites. It all depends on how much the couple is ready to experiment with their sex lives.
Consider for example a typical average couple who has sex about twice or thrice a week. By their fifth anniversary they will have had sex around seven hundred eighty times, which is not bad unless the seven hundred of those times have been in the same place, in the same positions and with the same twists and turns. The lack of physical variety or mental arousal in the bedroom is what may be termed “vanilla” sex after all. It has more to do with the usual sexual experience which may feel bland or boring after a very long time.
For many couples, mainstream BDSM may add flavor to their “vanilla” sex. When they fiddle around with their playful side of domination and submission, they are able to behave in ways unexpected and unfamiliar. This makes sex more exciting.
The combination and novelty of the mental eroticism and physical sensations coming from these sexual power-plays brings about a tantalizing and teasing taboo element to sex. With the proper way, couples are able to role-play their fantasies and leap into real-life sex play. For new couples, this may fire up their latent passions quickly. For long-term couples, it may re-ignite those existing passions.
This sort of play is not only sex per se but rather a mental experience. It is often a release of pressure and tension for couples who live the hurly-burly high pressure life. And the bedroom is the perfect place to relieve yourself of these tensions.
Remember that BDSM is a healthy sexual expression (mentally, emotionally, and even physically) as long as both partners are consenting. Just make sure that you as a couple should do a lot of research and talk to a sex therapist to ensure you are safe. And it has to be in a controlled environment. If you feel that you are not ready for the extreme stuff, you may consider, for example, stroking instead of whipping while in bondage role-play. Remember that it is still about trusting your partner.

And the bottom-line on BDSM is…

Like many other sexual behaviours, BDSM is part of a normative sexual experience that feels enjoyable and healthy to many people. Individuals may have slightly different behaviours, desires, emotions and erotic identifications. Everyone has their own flavour, with different kinks so to speak.
But effective sex dating sites should emphasize that healthy BDSM is safe, sane and consensual; with emphasis on consensual. And this involves a great deal of communication between partners. These are very important in any significant pleasurable experience.

The Most Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Brand on Twitter for Your Information Products and Online Learning Programs


“Increase the value of your brand with Twitter”

From the Office Auto Pilot Online Training Platform to the Hoot Suite, you can find all kinds of programs and software packages online that promise to help you increase the value of your brand. If you really want to go with office auto pilot training tool then you must read more about it here: Office auto pilot online training platform can be a good choice for you but you should know that often times, a number of these programs focus on direct marketing or PPC advertising. These methods have been reduced significantly in their overall effectiveness. According to the Harvard Business Review, the most effective forms of marketing are social media marketing and content marketing.
When considering either of these forms of marketing, it makes sense to look at the top social media platforms. Whether you’re focusing on social media or just working to share valuable content, social media serves a valuable function. And when considering social media, you have to take Twitter into consideration. It’s the fastest growing social media platform currently, and, despite the length constraints, it can be highly effective for increasing the value of your brand. However, traditional marketing techniques on Twitter have been largely ineffective, and they returned less than one percent on everything invested. Here are some ways to increase the perceived value of your band on Twitter and increase the effectiveness of your advertisements.

Have a Personality

The first thing that you can do to more effectively increase the value of your brand on Twitter is to make sure that you actually have a personality. To accomplish this, start off by including a real picture of you. Your business logo or picture of the business itself or even of your latest online education course isn’t going to create the same effect as an actual picture of you.
Having a personality also involves the language that you use. Make sure that you use language that nears actual conversation rather than being overly technical, abbreviated, or promotional. While Twitter may not be the most popular site for in-depth conversations, you can still get a conversation started and make valuable connections.

Don’t Use Text Speech


“Use proper language and avoid short forms or SMS speech”

There’s a reason that the Office Auto Pilot Online Training Platform and the Optimize Word Press program don’t include a text style speech pattern. Even though it’s a good idea to use language that mimics that of your target audience, certain spelling and speaking styles are not conducive to establishing a high quality brand or even communicating. Texting styled speech where everything is abbreviated so that “you too” is “u2” doesn’t bring the sales in. Part of this is because it’s difficult to understand. Even people who use all the time have to stop and think about what’s actually being said. Using cultural references and cultural words can be highly effective in your tweets. But make sure that anyone can understand what you’re writing in general.

Be the First to Share Breaking News in Your Niche

According to the “Most Effective Ways to Engage Twitter,” the best way to establish your value is to be the first one to share breaking news in your particular niche. People get the word out first tend to be considered more authoritative than those who just repeat the news. When your potential customers know that you’ll be the first one to let them know about something exciting in your particular subject matter, you can bet they’ll be signing up to follow you.

Leave Time for Responses

It’s important to take the time to tweet throughout the day, but you must leave time for followers to respond. Technically, you can post dozens of snippets of text, links, and images within a single hour, but it’s highly ineffective. Try to leave at least half an hour in between posts if you can. This way your potential customers have the opportunity to participate in the conversation you started.

Put Thought into Each tweet


“Don’t post random thoughts – take time to tweet”

Avoid signing up for Twitter posting services. While the Office Pilot Online Training Platform contains certain elements that can help to increase your presence on Twitter, the current algorithms in such programs do not allow for overly effective contact. A common misconception about effective social media marketing is that it’s merely a matter of saturation. Put out enough references to your product, and the customers will start pouring in. While this used to work, most businesses are finding that it no longer returns the results they want. Instead, make sure that every tweet that you put out there and every re-tweet provides value and involves thought. Using a program that can schedule tweets can be beneficial. But make sure to leave some time to respond to comments and to engage in other interactive Twitter components.

Avoid Using All 140 Characters

Despite the fact that Twitter has already made it so that tweets using all 140 characters can be shared, most users tend to avoid sharing tweets that use all 140 characters. Initially, when Twitter first started, handles had to be able to fit within those 140 characters. Most users still tend to assume that that’s the case. To increase the likelihood that your post will be re-tweeted, keep it brief and keep it under the 140.

Acknowledge Sources and Resources


“Increase your brand value by acknowledging the sources”

Demonstrating gratitude can be a great way to increase the value of your brand on any social media site. Sharing content that has informed your business procedures as well as content that can be beneficial to your readers is a great way to acknowledge sources. You may also find it appropriate to mention the products and programs that your business uses. For instance, if you use the Office Pilot Online Training Platform, you may mention that. Often times, the people following you on Twitter will not only be potential customers but potential professional contacts. The information on how you conduct your business can be just as valuable as the information that you’re selling.

Avoid Bare Faced Promotions

A number of marketers assume that the best way to get an increase in sales for their products is to just post bare faced promotions on Twitter. Don’t be one of those people. You’ll quickly find that the valuable potential customers that you might have had aren’t interested in hearing about all of the special deals you’re running. Instead, focus on effective content marketing techniques. Build value in every tweet that you make, and only post promotions rarely. Depending on whether you take recommendations from Social Media Today or The Social Media Explosion, promotions on Twitter should be anywhere from one out of 10 of your tweets to one out of 20.

Ask and Answer Questions

Since conversation and dialogue tend to go a long way in social media marketing, make sure that many of your tweets include questions. Your followers will see the question as an invitation to participate in conversation. Just make sure that you also take the time to respond to their questions and give your own feedback if possible.

The 10 Most Common Online Dating Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them

There comes a time in almost every online dating venture where a few online dating tactics might help keep you from the emotional breakdown you had, the last seven dates you went on. If you are failing at every turn, or can’t even get to the first date, you may be suffering from one or more of the ten most common dating mistakes known to the internet. However, there are ways to avoid each and every one of them, but you need to know what they are first.

1. Use compliments sparingly


“Don’t shower compliments, give them if she deserves it”

If she is pretty, by all means, tell her. However, be tactful with it. Gorgeous and stunning are good bets. Hot and babe should be ousted from your vocabulary. Now that we know what good compliments are, there is another issue. Giving compliments too often throughout a date can be overwhelming and make you seem creepy and will turn her off faster than flicking a light switch. Figure it this way: If a woman is beautiful, she gets told so several times a day by strangers. You are effectively a stranger until a few dates down the line. Be classy, and let her earn her compliments. If she shows up looking like a supermodel, you scored. Tell her she is gorgeous, and leave it at that. Watch her body language. If she is being extra flirty, she might be fishing for a compliment.

2. Talking should have meaning

There are two distinct problems with talking: Talking too much, and talking too fast. Doing either is a no-no that should be avoided at all costs. However, don’t overcompensate. Talking too slow can make you seem dumb, or worse, condescending. Talking too much screams lack of confidence, or an overactive ego depending on your choice of topics. Remember these rules: Comfortable silences do exist. Let your date do some talking. Listen closely, and answer questions with just enough detail to make them want to know more.

3. Leave sex talk for the bedroom


“Enjoy sex talk in the privacy of your bedroom”

Flirting is one thing, but being crude, repulsive or aggressive knocks you into the sexual assaulter category in most female minds. If you like talking dirty, at least wait until you have her between the sheets otherwise you may not get that far. For the first few dates, you are an attractive stranger who she wants to get to know better. Being crass is one way to change her mind. If you think she’s sexy, by all means say you think she’s sexy. Talking about what positions you want to see her in is not okay. Complimenting rudely on her backside is not wise. Staring at her breasts and making a remark about what you want to do with them is bad. Don’t do these things. Be yourself, but be yourself with respect for your date.

4. Touching your date is an art form


“Learn how to touch your date”

Here is a large iffy section. Online dating tactics usually don’t cover this because it is common sense. However, there is a right and wrong way to touch your date. The line isn’t so fine between touching your date too much, or not touching them enough. Basically, keep your hands off of her body parts that you have no right to touch until she asks you to. That includes breasts, butt, crotch, and sometimes the stomach. Do rub her back. Hugs are okay, but don’t force them. A kiss on the cheek is sweet sometimes. Brushing your fingers across her arm ‘on accident’ will give her pleasant shivers. Here’s the secret, guys: Innocence is the biggest turn-on for women. Use it to your advantage, and you will be a pro in no time.
If you can’t get to the actual date, other things might be wrong

So you have your online dating site profile up, but you can’t even get a first date? That’s a shame. Here are a few online dating tactics you might want to take a look at to increase your chances of getting face to face.

5. Take things slow and in progression (online- e-mail- phone- date)

Online dating has become the fast food of traditional dating. You’re supposed to post your profile one moment, get e-mails the next, and have a date that night or the next day. In reality, that will almost never happen. You must first establish contact. Learn how to make a good first impression. Tease her phone number out of her fingers and into your mailbox. Once you have that, call her and talk. Asking for a date straight from the website’s mailbox is taking things way too fast. She is not fast food. She is a fine wine. Let her breathe.

6. Dates are not balls and should not be juggled


“Don’t juggle two women, stick to one”

Moderation is the key in the online dating arena. If you’re buff and getting hits from your profile into your inbox, that’s a great start. However, juggling women isn’t a good idea. The best course of action is to pick two or three after carefully reviewing their profiles, and talking with them on different dates. Too many contacts can lead you to accidentally call Jennifer by Alyssa’s name. That’s almost worse than calling the wrong name during sex.

7. Choose your display/ profile picture wisely

Profile pictures are your badges of honor. They should reflect your personality, show your face clearly, and be taken by someone else. Self-taken photos are only okay if you are using a tripod and a timer. Bathrooms are not the first impression you want to give your potential dates.
Update your profile picture at least monthly. People change. They gain weight, they lose weight, they cut their hair, and they have more than one facial expression. Keeping the same photo up for months on end makes your profile stagnant. Try switching it up to see if another picture appeals to more people. Learn more dating profile tactics here: These online dating tactics can make your profile stand out from the rest.

8. Your username reflects you, remember that

This is the first online dating tactic that you should employ, but not necessarily the most important. Choosing a good username is something that needs thought and care. Try finding something unique to you so that you don’t have to add numbers to the end. Those numbers mean your name is not original, and therefore, boring. Boring is not something you want associated with your profile.

9. Blank space is boring

Here we go with the boring again. If you are going to be on a dating site, you do not want blank spaces on your profile. That is instant dating death. Fill out those pesky questionnaires. Write a paragraph or two for each field (however, be aware of character limits so your critical information doesn’t get cut short). With this, though, comes that moderation word again. Epic posts are boring. One to three paragraphs is enough. Your posts should highlight you like a magazine ad and make you seem just as shiny and desirable. Consider it as a marketing strategy.

10. Text speak is not a proper language

If you cannot form whole words, proper sentences, and don’t know the difference between ‘their,’ ‘there’ and ‘they’re’ when you are typing, then you need to use Google to try and fake it. To most, using text speak makes you seem either dumb or lazy, and sometimes both. You are not an illiterate, uneducated urchin. Using text speak and intentionally misspelling words will make you seem like you are. It will immediately turn most women off. Avoid the delete button simply by typing full sentences with real, whole words. You will be surprised by your results.
Use these online dating tactics well. Remember that these are tools. They only do for you, what you make them do. With anything, you need to put forth some effort. You need to use the tools, and use them effectively. Just remember to have fun and be yourself, the rest should fall into place if you pay attention. Happy dating!

Dating Apps You Should Try

Love, the most beautiful and even more complicated feeling for a person, and the first step to falling in love and being in a relationship is dating. But as it is said, the first step is the hardest one and dating is surely no exception to that. When you look around, everybody is so involved in their own lives and tensions on their career and various personal issues that you just can’t rely on your friends when they try to hook you up with some random friend of the person they are dating, plus after so much of work stress it becomes hard to socialize physically and even if you meet them, it’s even more difficult to leave a right impression on the person you are meeting and if your first impression is screwed, it’s almost impossible to get back on game.

But when you wish to find someone and you do have your iPhone, your Smartphone is smart enough to get you just the right person you were looking for with the help of various apps and can get you out of your misery. There are various apps depending on what kind of person you are what kind of date you are seeking, say if you wish a serious relationship or you just wish to go out and have a nice time in a bar or a restaurant. Some of those apps are:


One of most famous app used mostly by college crowd and youngster. It’s a location-based app which helps you find people near your locality and show people you might be interested in. If you think the person is right for you then you can click on “Like” option and if they “Like” back, you can chat online on the app itself. If you find it interesting, you must give a look to it.

Students Use Tinder App to

Students Use Tinder App to

Let’s date

Let’s Date helps you create your Datacard through your Facebook profile and you can browse the Datacard of other members. If you like the Datacard of any members you can hit “Let’s Date” and if they like it back, you can chat online. The game is not over yet, the most interesting feature of this app is that even though it’s a dating app, it keeps the feeling of gaming alive. How?? Once you’ve had your date online, you will also get badges along with your feedback.


It’s an interesting app which uses both your Facebook profile and your location to connect you with people. Most of its features are similar to many other dating apps but what differentiates it from other apps is its slicker user interface. Yet another but still a little different app which can only be felt if used.

Setting Up MeetMoi

Setting Up MeetMoi

Not enough, no worries: If you think the apps shown above are not enough for you, there’s nothing to worry about. There are lots of other fish in the pool. You can always find another app which can fulfil your requirements and can surely get the date you were looking for.

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

At some point in our lives, most of us will come across that most enigmatic person who you just can’t stop thinking about. Then again, maybe she won’t let you stop thinking about her. Perhaps she freaks out if you don’t respond to her text within thirty seconds. Is it possible she stalked you at all hours? Something has now made you exes, but that doesn’t mean that the craziness will go away. Sometimes it just gets worse.

The Subtle Approach

Feasibly, your ex is just slightly crazy and can listen to reasoning. Then perhaps texting her a cease and desist request will work. Maybe getting a new love will open up her eyes to the fact that you are getting on in your life and so should she. Make sure your friends are aware of your status as she will most likely hit them up to see what you are doing and perhaps even try to spread some rumors or untruths about you. Those cooky exes will often try to do just about anything to win you back.

Getting Worse Means Swifter Action

If your exes’ behavior is becoming more reactive, more dramatic, more off the wall, then it’s time to play hardball. Change your number and let everyone you know that she is not to have it. Block her from your social networking site. Make sure you don’t have any Facebook friends in common. It’s better to let her have some space to let it sink in that you don’t want her anymore. Indulging her constant messages and emails will only make her will stronger. It’s not healthy for either of you. Whatever you do, no matter how hard up you are, don’t sleep with her.

words and swifter action.

words and swifter action.

Bat shit Crazy

So, the bat caca has hit the fan. Has she harassed you at work or broke into your house? Those are illegal offenses, punishable by law. Hit her with a REAL cease and desist order and file a restraining order. Check your car for tracking mechanisms and perhaps arm it and your residence with security alarms. If you feel your life is in danger, contact the police immediately. It shouldn’t take Dr. Phil for you to make things okay. This person needs help and it is making your life a living hell. Make sure you have resources. Get a roommate or even move back with your parents so there is constantly someone there you can lean on or at least have as a witness to her constant aggravation and provocation.

Which "Bat-Shit Crazy" picture

Which “Bat-Shit Crazy” picture

Not everyone is as mentally stable as they seem to be when you’re undressing them with your eyes. Often times the hotter a relationship is, the harder it will end. It’s just the nature of the beast. That doesn’t mean you have to take an exasperating, problematic nuisance of an ex. At the first sign of something not right, be proactive. Don’t cater to this awful behavior or worsen it by getting back with your ex. It will only make things worse in the end.

Tips To Finally Lose Your Beer Belly

You’ve probably spent so much time and worked so hard to get rid of your beer belly, but you never got what you wanted. You’re already overwhelmed and you’re on the brink of giving up. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. A lot of people want to get rid of their beer belly, but they don’t know what to do. Although it does not happen overnight, it is still possible. In fact, it can be done by following these simple tips.

You have to limit drinking

Others will tell you to give up beer and even soda. That’s pretty hard to do and close to impossible for some people. You don’t actually have to do it. You just have to limit your consumption. Control yourself. Even if you work so hard to lose your beer belly, your efforts will be wasted if you don’t limit drinking.

You have to modify your diet

You don’t need to go on a diet or limit your food intake, but you have to modify it a bit. You need to eat lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. Also, stay away from processed foods and replace them with natural foods. Swap soda with juice.

It is also important to eat breakfast every day. Change your diet from three big meals to six smaller ones. Eating breakfast activates your metabolism and eating small meals all throughout the day keeps your metabolism running smoothly.

to Lose your beer belly

to Lose your beer belly

Engage in strength training

Strength training helps you lose your beer belly. You need to get off your couch and do strength training 2 to 3 times per week. Exercise does not just allow you to lose your beer belly, but also keeps you fit and healthy.

Spend time for cardio training

This is one of the hardest parts for many people. However, it is also amongst the most important. Spend at least 30 minutes for your cardio training every day. You don’t have to do this at once. You may break the training into 3 workouts. This way, it should be easier for you. Brisk walking and jogging are great choices for your training.

Understand that there’s no easy fix

If a magic pill were available, a lot of people would spend a fortune to have that pill. Sadly, it does not exist. One has to work hard to see results. Don’t rely on diet pills because it may be dangerous to your health. Also, if you find an effective pill, you may lose weight, but your belly won’t get any smaller. If it does, don’t expect it to look nice. You’ll end up with packets of fat hanging over your lower abdomen.

What should I be spending more

What should I be spending more

The tips above are simple to follow. Then again, without motivation and hard work, you won’t ever lose your beer belly. It may be hard at first, but all your efforts will definitely pay off. So don’t waste time. Make the necessary changes to your lifestyle and you’ll lose your belly in no time.

Essential Skills For The Successful CEO

Have you ever dreamt of heading up your own company? Being the person on top of the totem pole requires a specific skill set that most CEOs learn on their way up the ladder. But for those starting their own companies, they need to circumvent the usual learning process and figure out on their own what it takes to become the best CEO.

A Talent for Risk Assessment

In the fast-paced world of business, the people in charge don’t always have the luxury of doing a lot of research about the opportunities that present themselves. CEOs need the ability to assess those business opportunities for the potential rewards and possible risks so they can quickly decide whether to seize the opportunity or turn it down. Most times they will have to make these decisions based only on a few available facts and gut instinct.

Inspiring through example

CEOs who want their employees to go paperless, or as near paperless as possible, need to lead by example. Instead of sending memos, instructions, or any other company communications in paper format should post those communications on the company website or send emails. Want to teach your employees about corporate responsibility within the community? Contribute your own time and services or set aside corporate funds to specific charities within the community.

What skills do successful CEOs

What skills do successful CEOs

Flexibility and Willingness to Be Persuaded

The best CEOs realize that not possible to know everything. They surround themselves with knowledgeable advisors and listen to their advice. If they have made a decision, but their advisors provide information that contradict that decision, these CEOs are willing to change their mind; especially when it is in the best interest of the company.


CEOs need the most up to date information possible in order to make the best decisions and lead their company effectively. To do that, they surround themselves with advisors whom they ask to research and report to them on specific issues involved in day-to-day business as well as the industry at large. The CEO then bears the responsibility of making decisions based on the information provided by these advisors. Whatever comes of those decisions – good or bad – is also the CEOs responsibility.

The Ability to Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Delegating some of the jobs and responsibilities to key management personnel leaves the CEO with the time and energy to make the important decisions. It also keeps them from being so overwhelmed by the job that they become exhausted. In essence, the ability to delegate means that the CEO gives up controlling the details of day-to-day business dealings, only taking on the responsibility of the major decisions while handing over the reigns of lower level decision-making to lower, middle, and upper management.

Traditional business skills

Traditional business skills

The decisions that need to be made for a company will vary depending on the size of the company and the industry to which it belongs. The company’s growth and direction will also dictate a CEOs leadership style. Developing the above skill set is essential if you want to become a top notch leader.