Melbourne Conference Management

Melbourne Conference Management and its strategic partners offer a full conference consultancy and secretariat service. We are well-versed in events and conferences held on the The University of Melbourne campus and our team has unsurpassed knowledge of the University and its surrounding areas.

Our Mission Statement

Conference Management is committed to providing its clients with a personalised consultancy service encompassing the experience and dedication to ensure we deliver a successful and cost effective conference each and every time.

Melbourne Conference Management offers the full gamut of PC0 and secretariat services which can be tailored to suit each and every individual Conference.


  • Professional Consultation and Secretariat Service
  • Budgets and Finance
  • Venue and Catering
  • Registration and Delegate Management
  • Accommodation
  • Promotion – Brochures and Website
  • Program Development and Speaker Management
  • Trade Exhibition and Sponsorship
  • Social Events
  • Onsite Management
  • Close of Conference Report

Melbourne Conference Management will provide a closing report of the complete conference including financial records, statistics, evaluation results and recommendations.


Why Outsource To A Professional Conference Organiser?


Because you don't have the time to do it yourself
You have a Conference to produce with a firm deadline to coordinate and complete all the strategic planning, research, administration, sourcing and logistics.

Because you'd rather focus on mission-critical issues
You're not interested in frittering away time and energy on the logistical and administration aspects of the Conference. Your time is better spent concentrating on the Core Functions – the event strategy and content.

Because we have the knowledge, resources and industry experience to do it for you.
By appointing Melbourne Conference Management you will benefit from:

  • Professional consultants equipped with experience, knowledge and expertise on all areas of Conference organisation
  • Professional staff well versed in providing a high level of service and attention to delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and speakers
  • Access to industry standard IT resources for professional databases and reporting purposes
  • The use of methodologies and procedures already tried and tested to ensure efficiency, high level of service, best practice and enhanced turn-around time
  • Access to a wide network of suppliers proven to ensure quality delivery
  • Objective input, a new perspective and problem solving experience

With Melbourne Conference Management's involvement –you can take the time to concentrate on the big picture whilst we take care of the details.


The Melbourne Conference Management team has been involved in the organisation of Conferences of 100-2000 delegates from across industries including health, medicine, energy, finance, arts, business, communities, agricultural, manufacturing, education, commerce and business.

We are proud to now be involved in the following Conferences:

2010 Conferences

  • 5th International Conference on ION Exchange
    The University of Melbourne, July 2010

2009 Conferences

  • 11th International Symposium on Radiation Physics
    The University of Melbourne, 21-27 September 2009

2008 Conferences

  • The Ninth International Conference on Heavy Quarks and Leptons
    The University of Melbourne, 5-9 June 2008
  • New Worlds, New Sovereignties Conference
    The University of Melbourne, 6-9 June 2008
  • Social Inclusion Down Under Symposium
    Brotherhood of St Laurence 26 June 2008.
    Elisabeth Murdoch Lecture Theatre, The University of Melbourne
  • International Congress on Global Issues in Clinical Toxinology
    2008 Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, 23-28 November
  • 2008 International Congres on Chronic Disease Self-management
    Grand Hyatt Melbourne, 26-28 November 2008
  • The annual conference of The Australian Sociological Association 2008<
    The University of Melbourne, 2-5 December 2007


2007 Conferences

  • African Resettlement in Australia 2007
    The University of Melbourne – 11-13 April, 2007
  • Australasian Assocition of Engineering Education
    The University of Melbourne - 9-12 December 2007
  • The Way Forward: Chronic Disease Self-Management In Australia,
    Sofitel Melbourne - 26-27 July, 2007
  • 2007 Australasian Dairy Science Symposium
    The University of Melbourne - 18-20 September, 2007
  • 1st Australian Birth and Post Natal Services Conference
    Sofitel Melbourne – 27-29 April, 2007
  • Australasian University Safety Association
    2007 Conference RMIT University – 4-6 July, 2007
  • COSIT 07 – Conference on Spatial Information
    Theory Melbourne Business School,
    Mt Eliza – 19-23 September, 2007
  • Towards Healthy Environments
    Darebin Arts Centre, Preston - 23 April, 2007

2006 Conferences

  • The 2006 Group of Eight Hosted HR Conference
    The University of Melbourne - 27-29 November 2006
  • The Australian Institute of Energy 2006 National Conference
    The University of Melbourne – 27-29 November 2006
  • The Centre for Eye Research 10th Anniversary Colloquium
    St Vincent’s Hospital – 12-13 October 2006
  • The 15th Annual Meeting of the Australasian Epidemiological Association
    The University of Melbourne – 18-19 September 2006
  • Wandering with Spinoza”
    Conference Victorian College of the Arts – 13-15 September 2006
  • The Australian Ecumenical Council of Spiritual Direction
    The University of Melbourne – 30 June – 02 July 2006


2004 -2005 Conferences

  • The Economic Society of Australia – 34th Conference of Economists
  • Australasian Society for Ecotoxicology Conference
  • Stochastic Modelling of Complex Systems Conference
  • 20th International X Ray and Inner Shell Processes Conference
  • CONASTA 54 (Conference of the Australian Science Teachers Association)
  • 11th Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Conference
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information
  • The Third World Congress of the International Society of Business Economics and Ethics
  • CTAC - Computational Techniques and Applications Conference